We are experienced Lean Manufacturing Consultants specialising in productivity improvement.

We use methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, TRIZ and Theory of Constraints to dramatically improve an organisation’s on-time delivery performance, quality performance and bottom line results.

At Free Flow, we partner with manufacturing companies and deliver real business improvement that yields a significant return on the investment made in our services. 

Free Flow Partners can take your organisation’s performance to the next level.

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Theory of Constraints – what is your organisation’s leverage point?

Our primary tool for improving operations and organisational performance is the Theory of Constraints (TOC).Free Flow Partners Tauranga | Theory of Constraints Consultants | Lean Thinking | Lean Manufacturing

A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

Focusing your improvement efforts on the wrong link will yield minimal bottom line benefits.

We apply 5 powerful focusing steps that enable us to identify and leverage the weakest link in your organisation ensuring fast and dramatic improvement in throughput.

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Lean Six Sigma – does your continuous improvement team focus on eliminating the 8 deadly wastes?

The need to have and sustain a decisive competitive edge in today’s challenging business environment is a prerequisite to ongoing success.Free Flow Partners Tauranga Lean Manufacturing Consultants | Lean Production

We can help to eliminate unnecessary waste and out of specification variation from your business operations and help you to add more value to your customers.  Our proven methodology of applying TOC (Theory of Constraints) with Lean Six Sigma manufacturing principles and tools ensures operational improvement efforts are focused on your organisations constraints for optimum bottom line results.

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TRIZ – Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

TRIZ encompasses a structured method for creative thinking, problem solving, Business innovation and ideation.Free flow Partners Tauranga | Business Innovation Consultants | TRIZ | Disruptive Innovation

TRIZ includes a theoretical base and various analytical and knowledge-base tools that help individuals and teams invent, innovate, create and resolve complex problems in a systematic and repeatable way.

Organisations that integrate TRIZ-based innovation and problem solving can build a sustainable competitive edge.

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Training – what happens if you don’t train your people and they stay?

In order to build and maintain a competitive edge you must be continually up-Free Flow Partners Tauranga, Lean Manufacturing Training and Competenz Assessorsskilling and empowering your workforce. Free Flow Partners are qualified Adult Educators. We are registered training providers and assessors for Competenz New Zealand delivering National Qualifications in Competitive Manufacturing.



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Coaching and Mentoring

We make sure you have the guidance and support needed to ensure that improvement efforts last.Business Success

Coaching helps integrating new tools and methodologies into the fabric of your organisation ensuring that you get the most benefit and a sustained return on improvement initiatives.

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Client testimonials

Free Flow Partners were able to simplify the production planning process and helped us to radically improve our production efficiency by over 30%.  We highly recommend Free Flow Partners to any company that is looking for ways to improve their processes and production efficiencies. Learn more about Greg's Lean journey at Stuff.co.nz  
Freeflow educated our team on TOC (Theory of Constraint) theories and introduced a basic framework which immediately released a significant amount of productive capacity.