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TRIZ Training with Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman at Contact Energy

Cutting Edge Business Innovation Training in the Bay of Plenty! This intensive training in TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) was delivered by TRIZ Masters to the Contact Energy team at the Wairake site in Taupo. The training covered the TRIZ methodology and tools empowering participants to approach innovation and complex problem solving in a systematic […]

TRIZ Working Group at Contact Energy

This working group at Contact Energy has been set up to integrate the TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) methodology and tools, using them to develop solutions and innovations in engineering and operations.    

Free Mind Mapping Tool for Problem Solving and More!

The team here at Free Flow Partners mind map  to: Develop Strategy and Tactics Generate Ideas Solve Problems We use mind mapping tools with clients to solve problems and improve business and manufacturing processes. We like to use the Fishbone or Ishikawa diagram for brainstorming and problem solving. In a nutshell the ‘problem statement’ or […]

Lean Manufacturing Well Alive in the Bay of Plenty with Oasis Engineering

We’ve worked well with Oasis Engineering for a while now. We’ve got partnered together implement TOC (Theory of Constraints), Lean so we provide ongoing in support by means of Business Strategy and Continuous Improvement and training. In April 2013 NZ Business launched articles centered on Lean Manufacturing within the Bay of Plenty, Oasis Engineering is […]

What’s in our name?

In this brief post we’d like to share with you what Free Flow Partners means to us and for our clients! free/‘fri / 1. unrestricted, unimpeded; 2. not subject to cost: Increased productivity via unimpeded flow without incurring capital costs. flow/‘fl u/ 1. move smoothly and steadily; 2. amount of; 3. resulting from: Increased productivity […]

How to get business improvement from the Lean Toolkit

The Lean continuous improvement tool set provides an excellent set of resources for process and productivity improvement for manufacturing and service organisations. The Seven deadly wastes empowers us with a framework that enables us to look at processes and operations through an enhanced lens for waste elimination in the following areas: Transport Inventory Motion Waiting […]