What’s in our name?

What’s in our name?

In this brief post we’d like to share with you what Free Flow Partners means to us and for our clients!

free/‘fri /

1. unrestricted, unimpeded;
2. not subject to cost: Increased productivity via unimpeded flow without incurring capital costs.

flow/‘fl u/

1. move smoothly and steadily;
2. amount of;

3. resulting from: Increased productivity resulting from smoother operations and increased amounts of throughput.

partners/’pa tn /

1. those who share or take part with another;
2. united in a venture: Success achieved by sharing our methodologies, training and support united with your effort and commitment.

Releasing optimum productivity in business operations is about removing the barriers to flow.  We have all experienced days when things flow well and many days when things just don’t flow at all.

If you work in the manufacturing or service sectors the undesirable effects of poor flow are the same: constant battling just to get things done.

This leads to frustration, lost focus, stress and a loss of productivity.

If the root causes of poor flow are not identified then the symptoms reoccur and  each day feels like groundhog day, often we get to the end of the week exhausted and behind.

We’re about is eliminating that frustration and loss in productivity.

Darren Ward

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