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Lean Manufacturing Training

A business that has adopted Lean Manufacturing has a more productive workforce focused on continuous improvement. Moreover, a Lean Manufacturing company can use their operational staff to solve problems and improve the business giving leaders and managers more time to focus on strategy and tactics.

Lean manufacturing qualifications are ideal for those wishing to become actively involved in the development and implementation of processes and systems that will sustainably improve production capacity and product quality within their organisation.

Training in Lean production methods like Kanban, JIT – Just In Time and 5s will benefit learners working in a range of engineering and manufacturing businesses including engineering, food and related products, manufacture of metal, wood, plastics and related products sectors of the manufacturing industry.

We can deliver and assess qualifications to level 5 in Competitive Systems and Practices.  The level of qualification selected will depend upon business needs and a thorough training gap analysis.  Level descriptions are detailed below:

This qualification is for employees new to Lean manufacturing.  The qualification recognizes the candidate’s knowledge of and skills with lean manufacturing systems within either an introductory or technical application. Free Flow Partners Bay of Plenty Lean Six Sigma Training and Consulting CM Entry Level

The Introductory Application strand allows operators to become actively involved in the development and implementation of processes and systems that will improve reliability, availability and condition of equipment while also significantly improving production capacity and product quality.

The Technical Application strand allows those moving directly to technical support and leadership roles to develop skills to support the implementation of lean manufacturing.

This qualification is for leaders in Lean manufacturing who interact between members of their team and management.

The qualification recognizes the candidate’s knowledge and the skills required to Free Flow Partners Bay of Plenty Advanced Training in Lean Six Sigmalead change, implement a Lean manufacturing system and ensure process improvements are sustained.

For those wishing to move into facilitation of Lean manufacturing teams, the Facilitation strand offers a wide choice of unit standards from relevant domains.

This qualification is for managers in Lean manufacturing who have responsibilities for the performance of their people and processes or services. The qualification develops knowledge and skills required to be change agents, and to implement a Lean manufacturing strategy within their organisation.